Everyone loves shopping during sales so as to purchase their desired products at a reasonable and low price. As we all know, the internet is a haven for shopping online. But what matters the most is that do we shop online in a successful approach or not. Not only is online shopping very convenient with exceptional variety and choice, there are normally some great savings to be made too. The best thing about online shopping is that it saves a lot of time of an individual. Most of the time, people prefer online shopping for the major reason that they could get great deals and discounts on their craved products. But, not everyone experiences all the benefits and privileges via Online Shopping because they aren’t exactly how we expect. Sometimes in life, we expect something, but when it comes to reality, it would be entirely different. The same thing when we view that in the perspective of online sales, there are complex sorts of problems collectively. Often, when shopping online, we come across various products that are truly tempting and alluring as if we are in the

But, not everyone experiences all the benefits and privileges via Online Shopping because they aren’t exactly how we expect. Sometimes in life, we expect something, but when it comes to reality, it would be entirely different. The same thing when we view that in the perspective of online sales, there are complex sorts of problems collectively. Often, when shopping online, we come across various products that are truly tempting and alluring as if we are in the place of a model standing over there in your desired attire.

I just wanna make this clear that we are not against to online shopping but, we are just trying to show you the actual reality and make you more conscious before heading to purchase any product online. You just got to make sure you know your right size and the style that flatters you! Here is a detailed article that gives you a complete illustration and perception of the expectations and realities while shopping online. Check out the things given below that most of the people experience while

Check out the things given below that most of the people experience while shopping online:

1. Available Products

Obviously, you can find bounteous products while shopping online. You will have several choices so that you can pick the right one that suits your requirement in the best way. There are many products available out there on the online stores in various categories like electronics, gadgets, clothing, furniture, books, media and many more.

Expectation: An array of products of all brands and varieties.

The online consumers can seek out the best and a huge number of products available prior to building purchase decisions and will quickly move between the manufacturer and retailer websites to obtain it. One can find an array of products of all sorts of brands and a massive variety of products when shopping online.

too many choices

Some online shopping portals come out with Big Billion Day sales and Great Indian Sales where you can obtain great deals on various products in varied categories.

Reality: Random items you probably are never going to use.

shopping random products

During the online sales, it is true that you can find a massive range of products available on its portal, but the sad thing is that none of the product over there is essential for you. Apparently, you are never going to make use of the random things that are available on the website.

2. Striking Discounts Offered

People often get induced by the mind-blowing deals and discounts offered by the online shopping portal. Some of the popular E-commerce websites introduce great sales on various products wherein they will be displaying both the original price of the product and the price for which you can buy that product upon deducting the amount of discount acquired by the customer for that purchased product.

Expectation: Great discounts offered on all Categories


You can find plentiful of products with impressive deals and discounts offered in various categories such as electronics, appliances, or clothes you really wanted but couldn’t afford. Despite offering crazy discounts, you couldn’t afford because the price of that particular product itself is too high.

Reality: Paying approximately 10% lesser yet, can’t afford the item you always craved.

budget shopping

But, when comes to reality, you can just get a discount of 10 per cent less on that particular product that you’ve chosen. So, for instance, if the price of a product is Rs. 30, 000 and the discount offered on it is only 20% then, you can avail that item at a price of Rs. 24, 000 which is not a reasonable figure. So, you can’t afford the product that you always craved for even after availing a GREAT discount on it.

3. Beginning of the Sale

It is very common that most of the well-known E-commerce portals commence online flash sales. A flash sale is a deal or discount that you provide to your customers for a limited period of time. The people who are highly interested in purchasing any of their desired items at the time of such flash sales, they must be very cautious about the time. One must ensure that their internet connectivity is pretty fast so that the website on which they are going to purchase the product will be loaded quickly.

Expectation: Logging onto the site & browsing coolly the whole time.

Before the sale begins, you will be well-prepared with everything like fast internet connectivity and especially much leisure time. You might think that you could easily purchase that product as soon as the sale begins.

Still there is much time for the sale to commence so that you will be coolly browsing the net and dreaming how to surprise your girlfriend upon purchasing it and so on….

Reality: Unexpectedly, the Website crashes 10 minutes after the sale begins.

server not found

As soon as the sale goes live, you will be popped with a message that your website is crashed or Server is not found. This would be really a shocking circumstance for you that upon logging into the website, it suddenly crashes breaking down all your daydreams.

am dead inside

Not the server, you will be crashed down and all your dreams will come to an end. Literally, you are dead inside. Your website will be back and run smoothly once the sale ends up.

4. When they say ‘Discount Up to 90%’!!

Usually, placing discounts on specific products at the time of special occasions is very common which is being followed by different shopping malls since ages. This tradition of giving discounts on various items is moved to online shopping portals where the E-Commerce sites offer striking discounts on various products. They entice the customers with crazy deals and discounts on gadgets, electronics, and many other products.

Expectation: You actually find some product that has 90% discount.


You might be with an expectation that you could find some or the other product with a huge discount of 90%. These days, most of the online retailers have been offering discounts on various products and the prices and slashed in a drastic way. Also, they will mention the amount that you’re gonna save upon receiving a pretty good discount.

Reality: You find nothing even close to 90% discount because there’s the magic term ‘UPTO’.

It’s just for the name sake that the online portals offering massive discounts on all its products. In fact, you keenly observe that line – they say “Discount Up to 90%”, but it’s not actually 90% rather you can get products to that range of percent.

you get nothing

There are couponing sites too which offer a lot of good online deals even 100% off in many cases like MaddyCoupons, Spycoupons, CouponsChaska and there are other similar sites, but in reality you would get nothing in return. Those coupons are either fake or expired. But yes there are trustworthy sites too like OneIndia. Just to see, I have had a look at the coupons for Jabong on Google and I was shocked to see that Hindustan times, OneIndia too have couponing  on a daily basis, so yeah what I expected I get there. Perks of Media houses I tell you. 😉 But most of the sites there on the web don’t give you what you expect for. So BEWARE YEAH!

A particular web site may be having a sale and discounting products, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best deal on that specific item. Because, here is a magical word, “UPTO”! So, you find nothing even close to a discount of 90% but, without noticing that you would make a list of items to purchase.

5. Getting stuff in your size

It is often good to go for manual shopping so that you could check everything whether it precisely fits your body in all ways. But, these days, mostly people prefer online shopping so as to save their precious time. When you go for online shopping, it is not possible to get your desired attire in actual size, selective colour, and texture.

Expectation: It won’t be much of a problem.


When you’re planning to order something online like any apparel, you might be thinking that the dress will be available in your size. Even, you will consider adjusting yourself because fitting into an apt size wouldn’t become a much problem for you. You assume that when you size up, the clothes will fit you correctly.

Reality: Only your size isn’t available.


When coming to reality, you may find it really hard to get your desired attire available in your size. The attire might be available at a reasonable price but the thing is that only your size isn’t available.

6. Return & Refund Policy

Once after purchasing a product online, you don’t like it or if you found any damage within that product, you have an interesting policy which is called  in person that stocks the same brand for a refund. There is another facility of exchanging the items. Expectation: Return within Few days and get money back in very short time.


Once you return and product or item which you’ve purchased online, you might be expecting to get your cash back within a short span of time. You would think that it is an amazing facility offered by the online portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc.

Reality: Once you return it, it takes ages for a Refund.


If you alter your mind about the products you have purchased from us, they will refund the purchase price or exchange those products. Upon returning a product online, the reality would be totally different from your expectations. Even after returning that particular product, it might take a long time for receiving your refund. You would even forget about that refund amount. Few Examples of Expectations Vs Reality

Expectation: With a slight elbow grease, you can find lots of elegant clothes that flatter your figure.


Reality: You don’t even find a Single Dress that fits your Body.


Expectation: There are numerous online retailers! Definitely, you can find clothes that are on trend.


Reality: You don’t even find a Single Apparel that gives you stylish Look!

You Tempt at the Dress When you look at the Model on the Website, but in reality, the dress would be like this.

quality less products online

Awww!! Looking Odd My Dear.

real vs expectation shopping online

You know when that white attire you saw online arrives and it’s not quite what you had in mind?

online shopping dress

Despite the above-mentioned difficulties, having an online sale, however, presents us the likewise sort of rage every time it is advertised. So, what better way is there than to seek your hand in preparing for obtaining the great deals?Go on, shop online tirelessly. Hope the server doesn’t crash.