China strongly opposes trade talks between U.S. and Taiwan


China flag waving in the wind.

Despite this, China still strongly opposes trade talks with Taiwan and is willing to take whatever steps are necessary to protect its interests. The proposed talks will focus on trade, labor, environment, digital technology, and the status of state-owned enterprises, among other topics. Beijing and Washington are locked in a 3-year tariff war over these issues.

In the readout, the State Council states that the purpose of the trip was to build sound major-country relations between the US and China. It warns against underestimating China’s capabilities and asserts its “one China” policy in the region. In response, Taiwanese President Tsai says that China’s aggressive behavior is undermining the status quo.

After Pelosi’s visit, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian criticized the trip and said that China firmly opposes any official interaction between the U.S. and Taiwan. In addition, Beijing said it will take strong steps to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Beijing also warned Washington not to encourage Taiwan to make its de facto independence permanent, saying it would end in war. In response to this, Taiwan’s military held a drill simulating the response to a missile attack by China.

President Biden’s visit to China and Taiwan also included remarks on human rights and the future of the two nations’ relations. However, these comments have no significant impact on US policy regarding Taiwan. Although President Biden’s visit did not address these issues directly, he did make clear that the United States remains committed to opposing any unilateral changes in the status quo.

President Biden and President Xi spoke on the phone on Friday evening. They discussed a number of issues, including Taiwan, Ukraine, and other regional issues. In addition, they spoke about the current situation in Ukraine and Taiwan and how they can enhance cooperation.

The first round of the talks is expected to take place early this fall. Taiwan and the US hope to achieve meaningful outcomes. The talks will include 11 topics, including agricultural trade, small and medium-sized enterprises, digital trade, and the institutional connection between Taiwan and the U.S.

In addition to this, President Trump has announced new tariffs against $200 billion of Chinese goods and Taiwan. The Chinese response to this move is to increase tariffs on $60 billion worth of American goods. President Trump believes that these measures will force China to agree to a favorable deal with the U.S., but China says that they are unrealistic.

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