Trayam Movie Review Rating – Vishnu Reddy, Abhiram and Sanjana Sequeiara

Trayam is an upcoming Telugu movie directed by Goutham Naidu. The movie is going to introduce new actors to the industry.  The movie features Vishnu Reddy, Abhiram and Sanjana Sequeiara in the lead roles.  The movie is all set to hit the silver screens on 16th September this year.  The movie is produced by Pradmaja Naidu.  The movie is only shot in Telugu and will be released only in Telugu speaking states.  The music for the movie is scored by A Venkat.  The movie is a complete action genre movie.


Trayam Movie Story

Trayam Movie trailer got released recently. The trailer depicts many action sequences.  The male lead of the movie has done so many action scenes in the movie.  The exact story of the movie is not yet revealed by the makers of the movie.  By looking at the trailer, it can be said that it is a complete action genre flick that revolves around the male lead of the flick.  He was centered in the trailer a lot.  The movie will be releasing in many centers of the state on 16th September, 2016.  All the action sequences shown in the flick came out so well.  The stunt director has choreographed wonderful stunts in the flick and hero has executed them so well.

Trayam Movie Review

Trayam movie is a complete action genre movie.  The movie has introduced new actors namely Vishnu Reddy, Abhiram and Sanjana Sequeiara. All these actors did their roles well.  There is much to talk about the male lead of the flick that has carried his role so well until the very end.  He has played a serious role in the flick and did very finest actions sequences.  He shouldered the entire story very well and for that he is definitely going to receive good appreciation.  Debutant actress Sanjana Sequeiara has done a good job in her role.  She though is a new actress performed well in her role.  The director has a good hold on the story and he depicted on the screen exactly what he has in his mind.  The exact story of the flick will be revealed soon.  We will update it in our page.

Trayam Movie Rating

Moviegoers who love action genre flicks can absolutely go watch this flick.  You can enjoy the action sequences a lot.  The action stunts came out so well.  The production values were decent.  The performances of the leads were appreciable.  The appropriate rating, first day collections and other details will be updated in our page below.  We will list out the details as soon as we get to know them exactly.  Stay tuned to our page to know the updates about Trayam movie.