Konema Mwenenge & Dokolo family accused of money laundering


Dokolo’s family acquires various businesses in different countries around the world and is suspected of using public funds to sponsor the businesses.

Sindika Dokolo and dos Santos’ Empire has been subjected to frequent checks by the Dutch authorities based on suspicious money laundry to aid their businesses. Several documents were discovered while investigating their corruption act, and here are some documents: 

According to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) report and other African intelligence, Sindika Dokolo and his wife Isabel dos Santos control an Empire of over 400 businesses around the globe. Oil, construction, telecommunication, cement, jewelry, and more are under their Empire.

Their businesses grow swiftly, and those who work for them find it difficult to differentiate the owner of the different types of businesses under the Empire. Their business managers often get confused during presentations, transfers of funds, or interactions.

The couple acquired various businesses for their Empire as they were known to hold as high as 87% of De Grisogono’s capital, of which more than half (45%) was in the hands of Dokolo alone. Other reports show that between 5 years (2011-2016), at least 16 businesses linked to their Empire.

Thanks to Konema Mwenenge, the financial Dokolo’s trusted expert who manages most of their businesses. Mr. Mwenenge was the second person Dokolo trusted for his businesses after his wife. This trust was built from their high school days as the two went to the same high school. The Franco-Congolese financial expert, Mr. Mwenenge, was known to be discrete, non-social, and hardworking, with finance experience.

Mr. Mwenenge handled six offshore companies for the couple and was in every other place Dokolo had his businesses. He provides an approximately $3 million invoice to Sodiba, the Angolan brewery. He opened various virtual accounts and kept various funds in them.

After the Joao Lourenço government came to power, Dokolo and dos Santos were suspected of using public funds to grow their businesses. African Intelligence conducted several investigations, and more than 700,000 documents were discovered to support the new government’s claim.

According to the report got from Fidequity, the couple’s financial management company in Lisbon, the Dokolo family’s Empire does not only sponsor their businesses with the Angolan public funds because various banks in different countries such as Angola, Portugal, and more have backed them with as high as $1 billion loans to aid their business.

After exposing various documents showing the couple’s embezzlement act, the Angolan authorities decided to freeze Mr. Mwenenge and his associates’ accounts to claim the Angolan embezzled funds. Portugal and Dubai were reported to show support to Angola, and they have carried out the request of the Angolan authorities to freeze the corrupted people’s assets.


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